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[TenTec] Jupiter vs. IC-746 or similar pricepoint rig???

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Subject: [TenTec] Jupiter vs. IC-746 or similar pricepoint rig???
From: n2ka@optonline.net (Arthur Bernstein)
Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2001 23:57:26 -0400
My good friend Larry, WA2RSB, is strongly thinking about purchasing a
Jupiter. He asked my opinion and I wholeheartedly endorsed it, even
though I've never used one (I run an OMNI VI+.) He's not a big DX'er,
but operates more CW than SSB. He really doesn't want to spend much more
than the going price for the Jupiter. While looking at radios, he
mentioned that the IC-746 had lots of features and was around the price
figure of the Jupiter. Never having used the 746, I surmised that the
Jupiter would have the better receiver dynamics and ergonomics (less
menus, easier to use.)

I think he's getting cold feet, as he just purchased the 6 and 2 meter
multimode which right out of the box had a physical problem-not an
electrical one! The enclosure was warped! Back the radio went and after
a bit of a delay (they kept the radio for some other software updates)
he received the radio back. The 6/2 radio no longer wobbled, but now his
S-meter was totally dead on both receive and transmit. He's to call
Scott on Monday and I'm sure they'll do the right thing for him. I'm
trying to keep him in the Tentec family! Needless to say, he's getting
NUTS about this situation!
Any opinions from those owning the Jupiter and comparing it to other
radios in a similar price range? He's no techno-geek, just a good CW Op
(ex-U.S. Navy, TF2WKU in 1967 or so.)
All responses are welcomed-pro or con.
Art, N2KA..

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