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[TenTec] Inrad filters/FM module

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Subject: [TenTec] Inrad filters/FM module
From: cyr999@extremezone.com (Tim and Nancy Logan)
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 06:44:06 -0700
Hello Ten-Tec fans - 

A few weeks back I posted inquiries about using Inrad filters in my Omni
V. I received a number of great and helpful responses and certainly
discovered that such questions have been asked many times before. For
those who might ask in the future, here are my own experiences.

I first ordered a set of the 2.8 filters - thinking that i would like to
make tuning a tiny bit easier. The 2.8 filters worked beautifully and
had a very nice impact on audio and ease of tuning. 

Upon reflection however, I decided that this was not truly what I wanted
- what I really wanted was to maximize the Omni's primary purpose: to
haul in good signals and keep out the unwanted ones. so I sent back the
2.8 Inrads to George and ordered the 10 pole 2.4s. I know this seems
contradictary, but sometimes it takes you awhile to know what you want.
The 2.4s seem to put that final extra umphhh on selectivity etc and I am
very pleased with the results. To anyone trying filters for the first
time, you cannot go wrong with George at Inrad - he is very helpful,
let's you experiment and return, and is not at all pushy.

BTW I am still looking for an FM module for the OMNI V if anyone knows
where I can find one. Thank you again to those who take the time to
manage this net. Regards, Tim Logan KB7OEX Gilbert, AZ

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