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[TenTec] analog Argosy for sale

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Subject: [TenTec] analog Argosy for sale
From: deiss@micron.net (Greg Deiss)
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 21:02:24 -0700
I'll try to get the subject right this time!

I'm thinning out the shack and the first to go is my Argosy 525 analog.  It
is in fine shape, works well, and has the usual minor scuffs and stuff on
the top cover; the face is clean.  It also has most of the desirable bells
and whistles, such as:
-amp switch relay (1126)
-noise blanker (223)
-crystal calibrator (226)
-audio filter (224)
-crystal filter (217)

Also included is a K1MG digital clock/counter kit that the previous owner
assembled and used with this radio, and a genuine TenTec PTO rebuild kit
(got it with the radio but it didn't seem to need it).

The inevitable question will be whether I'm willing to part out certain
componants, and the answer is I'd rather not unless I get an offer I can
live with on the radio without a specific componant.

Price is the best offer I get around $350, plus actual shipping from
Cottonwood, Idaho


Greg Deiss, kl7qx
Cottonwood, Idaho

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