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[TenTec] KB7OEX: keys - Dave Ingram website?

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Subject: [TenTec] KB7OEX: keys - Dave Ingram website?
From: SEWATKINS@dgs.state.va.us (Sherrill WATKINS)
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 09:13:37 -0400
Tim:  You can still purchase a new Vibroplex Original model from the Vibroplex 
Company.  At least they are shown as available in my recent Vibroplex 
catalogue.  If you want an original "Martin" model in good condition you will 
encounter at least four problems:  1. Finding one in good condition. 2. 
Convincing the owner to sell it.  3. Convincing your banker to loan you the 
money to buy it.  4. Justifying the expenditure to yourself or whomever (wife, 
etc.).    However, I do not recommend using that type of a single paddle key or 
bug for ham operating.  It may be nice to look at as a museum piece or 
whatever; but to operate, I recommend the Vibroplex Iambic paddle, either the 
delux or standard version.  Also, someone recently recommended the new 
Vibroplex "Code Warrior" Iambic paddle; but I have not tried that unit.  One 
other thing, if you learned to send on a dual paddle iambic key, then you will 
have to relearn to send using a single paddle key.  This will require some 
effort and may degrade your ability to use the dual paddle key? -73's- Corn - 

>>> Tim and Nancy Logan <cyr999@extremezone.com> 08/19/01 12:10PM >>>
Hello again to all you TT owners! - 

In Dave Ingram's book "Keys, Keys, Keys" he describes a sort of clearing
house for people looking for older/collector keys called the Emporium.
Does anyone know if he actually got it started and if the exchange is
maintained? I've heard he has a website but I cannot find it.

I'm new to HAM and CW and have been using cw for about 9 months (guess
why I have an Omni V). I use a Schurr iambic key, but am very fascinated
with the idea of seeing what using a "little piece of history" would be
like. I'm interested in finding an "original" Vibroplex bug with a
Martin name plate on it. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks to all.
73/ Tim Logan, Gilbert, AZ
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