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[TenTec] KB7OEX: keys - Dave Ingram website?

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Subject: [TenTec] KB7OEX: keys - Dave Ingram website?
From: ke5c@hot.rr.com (John, ke5c)
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 09:17:00 -0500
> Tim:  You can still purchase a new Vibroplex Original model from the
Vibroplex Company.  At least they are shown as available in my recent
Vibroplex catalogue.  If you want an original "Martin" model in good condition
you will encounter at least four problems:  1. Finding one in good condition.
2. Convincing the owner to sell it.  3. Convincing your banker to loan you the
money to buy it.  4. Justifying the expenditure to yourself or whomever (wife,
etc.).    However, I do not recommend using that type of a single paddle key
or bug for ham operating.  It may be nice to look at as a museum piece or
whatever; but to operate, I recommend the Vibroplex Iambic paddle, either the
delux or standard version.  Also, someone recently recommended the new
Vibroplex "Code Warrior" Iambic paddle; but I have not tried that unit.  One
other thing, if you learned to send on a dual paddle iambic key, then you will
have to relearn to send using a single paddle key.  This will require some
> rt and may degrade your ability to use the dual paddle key? -73's- Corn -

Hi Tim and Sherrill!  I half agree with Sherrill and half disagree.  He is
absolutely correct about a Martin-Vibroplex.  Hunt 10,000 flea markets and
antique shops and you may get lucky or win a lottery (or both).

On the other hand, my interest in CW with my G4ZPY paddles - much finer IMHO
than anything Vibroplex currently makes - stagnated around 25 wpm (after 25
years of hamming - 1 wpm per year = slow learner).  Then one night I ran into
KT5X from Santa Fe, NM and we started chatting about CW and bugs. He used
several during the QSO, and one thing led to another.  If you are really
interested in the historical aspects of CW, GO FOR IT and learn to use a bug.
You will meet some of the most interesting characters on 40 M once you start,
but don't wait too long or they'll all be dead since they are generally not
terribly young.

You will soon notice each bug has its own personality, and they are as
different as iambic paddles are.  I moved from the Vibroplex 1944 Champion
1944 which I got from KT5X to a 1923 Original and finally a 1924 Blue Racer,
and each was a step up in sensitivity and responsiveness.  (The old Blue
Racers are totally superior to the later ones - from WWII on. - and you might
find one of those in good conditions with two weights for $250 to $300 if you
are patient)  Finally a local ham lent me his 1917 Double Lever which was
another new experience - the separate levers do make a difference.


Knowing I would have as much chance of getting one of those as you have of
getting a Martin Vibroplex, I looked around and bought something Japanese -
which in this case is the only commerically available double lever bug and is
a definite step up technically from the old Vibroplexes (which I would still
like to have, of course).


Good luck, and again, GO FOR IT!  73, John

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