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[TenTec] BUXcom PSK interface

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: [TenTec] BUXcom PSK interface
From: wa2tti@worldlynx.net (Jerry Harley)
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 19:11:38 -0400
I'm wondering if anyone is using a BUXcom PSK31 interface with there
Pegasus or Jupiter.  I'm asking because I bought the kit and can't make
it work?  I bought a second one for my Yaesu FT847 at the same time and
it works fine.  The LED lights when the computer keys, if the  input to
the accy jack is short the Jupiter keys. it is like the opto isolator
just doesn't become a short/low r circuit enough to key the PPT.  I've
swapped the 4n37, I'm using the same computer, I'm stuck.  Jerry

PS BUXcom does not supply customer support to kits U build

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