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[TenTec] HF band CW Practice Plan

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: [TenTec] HF band CW Practice Plan
From: jimr.reid@verizon.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 14:26:20 -1000
Hi again,

My initial plan:

Will be sending the following out,  beginning tonight;
this gives the CW practice plan for now.  Will be sent at only
15 wpm,  with the character speed at 20 wpm;  want folks
to learn the sound pattern;  break the bad habit of counting
dits,  hi!  The "official"  practice session will probably start
this coming Saturday at 0100 UTC (here in KH6 land,  that
is mid afternoon on Saturday),  and repeated again on different
bands at 0400 UTC.  I hope all the info is in this text.  I guess
this will be my first multi-band transmitted,  one-way CW
practice session tonight.  Here is the text: (note,  this
material is deliberately "wordy";  the idea is lots of clear
text,  including some long words,  for practice,  hi):

"QST QST QST de KH7M KH7M KH7M, Island of Kauai,
Hawaiian Islands.

CW practice will commence at  0400 UTC,  and on the W1AW CW  frequencies
each week day after W1AW has gone QRT for the day.
W1AW is now going QRT at the close of their code bulletin at
0400 UTC.  CW practice from KH7M will commence shortly after
0400  on the same W1AW frequencies on 80, 40, and 20 meters.
Propagation about the Hawaiian Islands and across the US
mainland from Kauai should be good on all three of these bands.
Frequencies are,  80 meters, 3581.5 khz,  40 meters,  7047.5 khz,
and 20 meters, 14047.5 khz.

If there is QRM or these frequencies are in use,  practice from KH7M
will be plus or minus near these same frequencies. "

(At this time,  I must send the station ID again)

"QST QST QST de KH7M KH7M KH7M,  Island of Kauai,
Hawaiian Islands

Please send e mail comments and suggestions to me at
kh7m at arrl dot net,  that is kh7m at arrl dot net via e mail.

Practice format will be similar to the ARRL CW practice transmissions.
Several minutes of clear text followed by groups of random letters and
numbers,  but these will not be call signs at this time,  just random
characters.  The same material will be sent at each speed beginning
with a fast speed, then reducing in intervals to provide about 60
minutes of CW practice.  I plan to start at 25 wpm,  then drop the
speed in 5 wpm steps all the way down to  only 5 wpm.  You can
check your higher speed copy against the same material sent at
a lower speed which is easy copy for you."

(Again,  time to ID the station)


On weekends,  I will also to provide CW practice.
Two one hour practice sessions will be sent on Saturday,
and again on Sunday.

The first will begin at  0100 UTC,  using W1AW frequencies
on  the 17 and 21 meter bands  not the 80 and 20 meter bands
as used during the regular 5 day work week.

Weekend 0100 UTC practice frequency  on 17 meters is at
18097.5 khz,   and on 15 meters at 21067.5 khz,  the same
40 meter frequency will be used as during the week, 7047.5 khz.

The second weekend session will begin at  0400 UTC
the  same time as during the week
CW practice will not be sent during major contest weekends as
sponsored by the ARRL and CQ magazine folks.

This has been an announcement of CW practice to supplement
that provided by W1AW to be sent by KH7M from the Hawaiian
Islands.  KH7M is now going QRT.   AR de KH7M   SK "

So there,  my plan, and my first text to be sent out.  What do
you think/comments.

Thanks again and 73,  Jim  KH7M

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