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[TenTec] Paragon on PSK31?

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Subject: [TenTec] Paragon on PSK31?
From: ditzian@alltel.net (ditzian@alltel.net)
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 07:12:42 -0400
> Anybody used their Paragon on PSK31 with success?  I'm thinking of
> giving PSK31 a shot, but would appreciate hearing from anyone who's
> already come up with an interface, etc.
I see this kind of message constantly, so I thought I would let Ten-
Tec users in on the secrets.

    1.To transmit PSK you need an interface between the Sound 
    Card OUTPUT and the mic or rear audio INPUT.  This is 
    because the output voltage from the sound card is roughly 100 
    and more times as large as the radio's audio input wants to see.

    2.You need to connect audio from the radio to the Sound Card 
    INPUT.  There is no interface for this; it is a wire connection.  
    You can use constant-voltage audio from the rear of the radio, 
    the variable speaker output, or the variable headphone output.

    3.You need a way to control the PTT.  This can be simple VOX, 
    or you can operate a serial port with the software (if it does 
    this) and use the line to control the radio's PTT.  You can use 
    command radio control with radios that have this feature.  You 
    can even manually control PTT with a switch, since operation is 
    much like a rag chew on SSB.

That is all their is.  There is no magic.  You can operate PSK with 
ANY RADIO that operates SSB.  You can use your Cosmophone 
50, your KWM-1, your Heathkit Apache with the SSB adapter, your 
Ten-Tec Omni VI+, your Paragon I or II, your Jupiter, or anything in 
between, as long as you have a reasonable audio signal from the 

Some approaches automate more of the operation, and you may 
find that using a special interface to control PTT is handy, or that 
rig control via command is for you, or that you like the constant 
output from the radio because there is one less control to adjust, 
but you do not need these features for initial operation.

Get your feet wet, reread the software instructions, and then get 

BTW, the Zakanaka program, which operates PSK, has a fairly 
complete set of instructions.

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