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[TenTec] Re: TT vs 756PROII

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: TT vs 756PROII
From: W8JI@contesting.com (Tom Rauch)
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 21:40:18 -0500
> I monitor with a little 20 Mhz Gold Star dual-trace scope. I will have
> to fire up the Tek 465B and fiddle with the synch setup until I can
> single-sweep those first few dots and see what is happening.

You probably already do this or something similar, but what I do is 
drive a NPN transistor with a signal generator. I tie the collector to 
the manual key input, and of course the emitter is grounded.

That allows you to set the generator for a series of "dots", and look 
at the actual keying input. You can set the weight by setting the 
output level on the generator, and if the generator has a DC offset 
you can use it to get a wide range of weight. If not you can add 
your own external dc bias for offset from a small 1.5 volt battery or 
any other supply.

The second channel goes to the RF output.

This way you ALWAYS catch the first dot! This also allows you to 
see if the CW is truncated.

My IC-706 truncates ALL of the elements by the same amount of 
time when in QSK, and a 775DSP I had (for one day before 
returning it) truncated the leading edges on every element on QSK 
(it did about a dozen other nasty things also, including outputing 
about 300 watts on the leading edge of the first element and 
transmitting on two frequencies at one.

Please tell me how the PROII behaves!
73, Tom W8JI

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