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[TenTec] Dot Mystery Solved - Documented

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Subject: [TenTec] Dot Mystery Solved - Documented
From: jtgwin@home.com (J T Gwin)
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 09:10:44 -0600

    I have now been through the ear training provided on this Reflector,
but it has not helped me with The Great Dot Mystery.  Perhaps you
can undergo eye training of the same caliber as the ear training which
I received.

    Regretfully, my ear training did not 'take' - the Pegasus and the
both still sound fine to me.


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> Ah John,
> The mystery is not completely solved. In my shack, all my "store bought"
> boxes have the orange dot. The 2m FM xcvr and general coverage receiver
> which I built from kits have the black dot. However, the two T-KIT boxes
> that I also built have the stylized "T", a WHITE dot and "KIT" as a
> logo. The mystery of the dots only deepens. The three different color
> dots have completely different rise and fall times, but my untrained ear
> cannot discern whether they are within specification or not. On
> occasion, one or more of the dots has actually winked at me, but my
> untrained eye cannot see the waveform when this happens. With an apology
> to a distinguished operator in WEST Virginia, "Sometimes a dot is just a
> dot".
> 73/CUL,
> Jim, N4IR   dit dit
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