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[TenTec] The TenTec Orange Dot, remember?

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Subject: [TenTec] The TenTec Orange Dot, remember?
From: Greg Hodsdon" <k7kj@arrl.net (Greg Hodsdon)
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 14:11:06 -0800
Your memory is not fuzzy, Ron!  The red versus black dot was
discussed at length on the reflector well over a year ago.

Not to start another thread, but the RX-340 does not even have
a "T-T" emblem on the front panel.  There's only a silkscreened
"TEN-TEC".  A tiny "T-T" logo is on the S-meter.....with a black dot.

73 de Greg, K7KJ
Portland, OR

> Good Morning!
> Much has been said over the past week or so about the color of the dot in
> the Ten Tec Logo.  Even though I have trouble telling reality from fiction
> these days, I believe there was a spirited discussion on this Reflector a
> year or so ago about the red/orange dot having disappeared from new Ten
> equipment.
> My memory is fuzzy but didn't Scott Robbins (W4PA) tell us then that the
> Tec Orange Dot was history and would be no more?  I have not bothered to
> check back in the archives but believe that process would provide some
> insight.
> All of my TT equipment proudly displays the Orange Dot!
> 73  Ron  ki0ii
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