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[TenTec] ** Jupiter firmware revision 1.14 **

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Subject: [TenTec] ** Jupiter firmware revision 1.14 **
From: bames@aob.com (Bill Ames)
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 13:21:05 -0500
Here is how it works. My question is, since I use the external version of
this tuner will it still give me the reduced output in the tune position?


Operating the Jupiter Transceiver with built-in tuner

The optional internal tuner for the Jupiter is controlled through use of the
front panel [TUNE] button. In addition, the tuner may be disabled/enabled
via the USER MENU.

To Activate the Tune

        Tune the radio to the desired frequency.

        Press the [TUNE] button

        The radio will key in CW mode at approximately 20 watts output.

        When the minimum SWR has been achieved the tuning process will stop.
        And the transceiver will return to receive mode.

        The Letter 'T' will appear at the far right of the main frequency 
indicating      that the tuner is ready.

To Bypass the Tuner

The [TUNE] Button will toggle between TUNER ON and TUNER OFF.

The tuner is disabled and bypassed when the 'T' is NOT displayed.

To Disable the Tuner

        The Tuner may be disabled by setting AUTO TUNER to OFF in the User Menu.

To enter TUNE mode without affecting the tuner setting

Press [ALT] then [TUNE ] to place the radio in TUNE mode.

The transmitter output power will be determined by the PWR setting

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