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[TenTec] RE:Birdie on 526 (Mark)

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Subject: [TenTec] RE:Birdie on 526 (Mark)
From: K2PQ@aol.com (K2PQ@aol.com)
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 10:50:29 EST

If your rig has only one birdie your lucky. Mine has quite a few. Most are 
too weak to be a problem. Mine also has a strong birdie at 146.645. The only 
one that's anoying to me is one around 50.118 at S1 to S2.  Which is pretty 
strong since I can easily copy cw sigs that don't move the meter.  I bought 
the rig to use mostly on 6 cw and ssb so I'm constantly tuning over the 
birdie at 50.118. This will get old. Just got the rig yesterday. Seems to 
have good sensitivity on 6 & 2 ssb and cw. 
As a comparison no problem  with birdies on my IC 706, and it hears a little 
better on 2 ssb. 

Frank.... K2PQ

>I just purchased a 'demo' 526 from TT.  Tuning around, I found an S5 birdie
with (signal with no antenna connected) at 146.645 Mhz.  Is this normal?


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