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[TenTec] Jupiter 1.14 Firmware Problem(s)

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: [TenTec] Jupiter 1.14 Firmware Problem(s)
From: WmLB@prefer.net (WmLB@prefer.net)
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 12:55:01 -0800
I just had a short chat with the guys at Ten-Tec regarding problems 
with the new 1.14 release. This is what I was told.

While there may be other issues, the fact that you get reduced power 
out when you hit the "Tune" button is NOT one of them. The idea here 
is to "save on the finals" If there is some reason to have full power 
output when using the "Tune" function, you now need to press the 
"ALT" button, followed by the "Tune" button.

Sound like a reasonable thing to me..

Perhaps there are other things that are wrong with this release, but 
so far I have not experienced them.

Bill, W6WLB

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