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[TenTec] Jupiter 1.14 Firmware Problem(s)

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Subject: [TenTec] Jupiter 1.14 Firmware Problem(s)
From: w4wbt@fmci.net (Bill Taylor(W4WBT))
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 23:38:40 -0500
I think you will find that you have to cycle the power button to get 
the unit back to full power, Once it is in tune mode, the power 
output  statys there until you cycle the power button and or possibly 
something else like the mode button.

In addition, look in your menu options at contrast. I have not been 
able to get the contrast to chage at all above 50% .In fact, the 50% 
mark seems to have been changed.
Bill T

>I just did the 1.14 update and it works fine.  A big thank you to 
>Ten Tec on this one. The
>reduced power function on tune is what I have been asking for.  It 
>works fine.  I went
>from SSB (full power) to tune (about 20 watts or so) and then back 
>to SSB and it is at full
>power again.  I love it.  Thank you TT!!!
>Duffy - WB8NUT
>2/7/02 7:01:20 PM, WmLB@prefer.net wrote:
>>Yes.. that would seem to be the case all right.
>>I certainly have no issue with the "Tune" function reducing power.
>>It's probably a good innovation.. But.. your right.. it should not be
>>a "sticky" function in the processor and one should not have to do
>>anything (like pressing the "power" button) to restore set power
>>The guy I talked to at Ten-Tec said the software guy was home with
>>the flu, so it looks like it might be a day or more before they
>>resolve it.
>>Bill, W6WLB
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