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[TenTec] Limericks 2K2

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Subject: [TenTec] Limericks 2K2
From: wn3vaw@fyi.net (Ron Notarius WN3VAW)
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 14:10:44 -0500
This is a bit off topic, so bear with me...

As some of you may remember from other reflectors over the past few years,
every April in my club newsletter, I write a tribute to Rod Newkirk W9BRD
and his old "DX Hoggery & Poetry Depreciation Society" that ran long ago in
QST's "How's DX."   Although April is a ways off yet, I'm already starting
to put together this year's article.

And that means, as always, I am in need of about a half-dozen limericks.
And considering that my past attempts at limerick writing have been, to put
it charitably, horrible, I am once again appealing to the amateur community
for assistance.

If this is not of interest to you, please read no further and my apologies
for the bandwith and the interuption.

The rules are simple:

(1)    They must be limericks.  Not haiku, not iambic pentameter, not free
verse, but the traditional 5 line limerick.
(2)    They must be amateur radio oriented in general.  And if at all
possible, DX oriented in particular.
(3)    They must be clean.  It's a family oriented newsletter.
(4)    They must be original.
(5)    They must be funny.  This is a humor article, after all.  I know,
funny is a subjective term.  But I've had past submissions that were truly
nasty verses that bordered on insults, slander, and worse against a
particular individual amateur and/or a particular brand of radio gear.  I
guess it's good that someone vented their spleen in a non-violent manner,
but it doesn't help the article any.
(6)    And finally, since the author will get credit in the article for each
limerick, tell me how you want to meet your fate.  The usual methods of
demise involve RF chokes, plate transformers, and the old, traditional
stand-by's of the Rettysnitch, the Wouff Hong, and a pickle in a brown paper
bag (with Rocky Roccoco, er, Road Ice Cream).  I  may not be able to give
you the fate you want, but I can try.   Sorry, we took advantage of the
destruction of Pittsburgh's 3 Rivers Stadium last year, so that option's no
longer available (and would probably be in real bad taste this year
considering 9/11).

Please submit any limericks direct to me, not to the list.  For some odd
reason, submitting them to the list seems to infuriate some individuals...
so let's not.

And if you'd like to see what past articles have looked like, you can find
back copies of the WASHRag newsletter at www.washarc.org; just follow the
newsletter links.

Thanks again!

73, ron wn3vaw

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