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[TenTec] Jupiter AM Operation.

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Subject: [TenTec] Jupiter AM Operation.
From: ve1adh@accesswave.ca (Dave McClafferty)
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 23:26:23 -0400
The speech processor will cause overmodulation in the AM mode at normal mic
gain levels in the pegasus. I assume it is the same in the Jupiter

Dave, VE1ADH

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Subject: [TenTec] Jupiter AM Operation.

> After owning my Jupiter for several months, I got around to trying it
> on AM yesterday. The reports were that my audio was very distorted...
> perhaps due to over-modulation.
> In the prior firmware release (1.12) when I tried the AM-AUTO-SET
> procedure  described in the addendum in my manual, the power out
> indication would increase and decrease but would never return to
> receive mode until I pressed the "Tune" button again.
> With the new 1.16 release, pressing the "Tune" button does not
> trigger the same behavior at all. I do get a steady  indication of 16
> to 20 watts out. I think this is now the desired behavior of the tune
> function, which limits the output during the tuning process.  But...
> it would no longer seem to relate to any automated power level
> setting while in AM mode. Of course, as I said previously, I could
> never get that power level "hunting" behavior to cease in the earlier
> firmware releases anyway.
> I would like to know, if anyone is successfully working the AM mode
> with their Jupiter and if so, where do you have the "AM Drive"
> adjusted to. It appears that setting my AM Drive to about 35% gets me
> an unmodulated carrier of about 25 watts. Does that sound right??. I
> have the Mic Gain at about 50% which is where I would normally have
> it for SSB operation.
> Today, with the Santa Ana winds and the accompanying high noise
> levels, I have been unable to hook up with anyone, but I would like
> to know if I am on the right track .. and if my Jupiter is reacting
> the same way as everyone elses.
> Bill, W6WLB
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