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[TenTec] 756PRO/OMNI's - noise level and comfort

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Subject: [TenTec] 756PRO/OMNI's - noise level and comfort
From: w5yr@att.net (George, W5YR)
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:22:28 -0600
Tim, as long as you listen to the PRO receiver with either phones or
speaker through the crappy internal analog audio system you will not be
getting anywhere near the sound that radio is capable of producing. I have
heard that the PRO II redid the audio output section completely - hope so,
because it needed it!

I suspect that is the source of most of the audio fatigue you are

Any sort of small amp into a 8" speaker or larger in a decent sized
enclosure will show you the difference.

My PRO is far quieter than the analog, non-DSP, crystal filter IC-765, but
that is because of how I handle the output audio, as we have discussed
privately in detail.

72/73/oo, George W5YR - the Yellow Rose of Texas         
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cyr999@extremezone.com wrote:
> Hi folks -
> As I continue my side-by-side A/B test of my OMNI V.9 and a new ICOM 756PRO I 
> am
> beginning to wonder if the overall noise level on the 756 is somewhat higher
> than the OMNI and if the "dsp" sound is a bit more fatiguing over time. I 
> could,
> of course, be hallucinating.....so I am curious about other's experiences as 
> ops
> - not in the lab - but after sending and receiving code for an hour or so. 
> These
> subtlties can sometimes be confusing and you wind up chasing your own tail!
> Never had a rig with a fan before - new experience to have the keyer turn on 
> the
> fan! Just curious about your experiences. Thanks, Tim Logan KB7OEX

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