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[TenTec] PSK Interface

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Subject: [TenTec] PSK Interface
From: jedmonds@dit.state.va.us (Edmonds, J.B.)
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 08:25:46 -0500
Not knowing exactly your setup, I think that you can use the "audio in"
jack.  You do have to key the rig however and that's the part you did not
address.  You may also have to lower the input audio level.  Many of the PSK
web sites show you a circuit to provide "audio in", "audio out" and keying.
Do you have "vox' on?  

You can buy a prebuilt interface for about $20 or go the "RigBlaster" route
for a few dollars more.  Tentec gives us the jacks on the back so we need
not use a mike connection and that's how mine work.  I have the mike
connected and my PSK connected to the rear.  Worlks great.

73  JB  N4NQY

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How do I interface an OMNI V to my computer for PSK.  
Receive is easy.

However, I cannot transmit by connecting to the "audio 
in" plug on the back of the rig.

Do I need to go directly through the microphone plug on 
the front of the rig?  Do I need an external interface?

Thanks in advance,

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