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[TenTec] Omni VI+ discontinued

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VI+ discontinued
From: RMcGraw@Blomand.Net (Robert & Linda McGraw K4TAX)
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 07:23:13 -0600
Look at it this way.  If the Omni VI+ is discontinued then a replacement "is
on the way".  Now then, for those of you that wanted to trade up to a Omni
VI+, those of us that will trade up to the "new model" will automatically
make Omni VI+'s available via the used market.  Either direct or through

Their factory refurbish program is great.  I know, I bought a new factory
fresh Paragon in January of 1992, traded it in on an new Omni VI+ in March
of 1998.  With the recent "used equipment close out" announced by Tentec, I
bought a used Paragon last month. It looks almost brand new, never used.  I
love both of them.   Get the idea I like Tentec radios?   These are just 2
of several on the shelf.

See.......all is not lost.  You can have your cake and eat it too.  I get a
new radio and so do you.


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Subject: RE: [TenTec] Omni VI+ discontinued

> >Saw it on Ten-Tec's homepage.  Am I the only one
> >surprised?
> >
> >73,
> >Barry  N1EU
> >
> I am, too. Seems to me it would be beter to keep the Omni around
> at least until the new one is available. Maybe longer. I might
> have wanted to trade my omni V for a VI+, but if I don't like
> the replacement I'm stuck.
> Frank
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