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[TenTec] OMNI V freq calibration

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Subject: [TenTec] OMNI V freq calibration
From: n4py@earthlink.net (Carl Moreschi)
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 13:19:24 -0000

Look at the doc file I sent you about the Omni V.9
There is a software procedure to calibrate the Omni V.9
to make it perfect for each band.

    Crystal Calibration Mode -

    There is now a way to correct for crystal aging.  To calibrate
    a specific band, proceed as follows:

      1) Tune to the band and frequency of the known source signal.
         Mtune must be off for this procedure.
      2) Tune the dial to read the exact frequency desired.
      3) Press SHIFT TUNE.
      4) Tune the signal in as accurately as possible.  The display
         should not change while you are tuning.  Take care to not
         tune the dial any more than is necessary.
      5) When the signal is properly tuned, Press ENTER.  This will
         exit the crystal calibrate procedure.

Carl Moreschi N4PY
Franklinton, NC
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From: "Tim and Nancy Logan" <cyr999@extremezone.com>
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Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 1:19 PM
Subject: [TenTec] OMNI V freq calibration

> Hi folks - 
> Well, even though I have an ICOM756PRO (brand new) sitting on my table,
> I keep hooking the OMNI V.9 up next to it and comparing them (even
> though I have the OMNI advertised for sale!). 
> I'll tell you what folks.....it is DARN hard to let yourself part with
> an OMNI!!!!!
> Anyway, I do know that the 756 is "dead accurate on freq" and that the
> OMNI is a few hz off. While I have the two next to each other I'd like
> to adjust the freq on the OMNI. I know one of the boards has an
> adjustment that can be used after you let the rig get nice and warm - I
> just cannot find the page in the manual that mentions it. Can someone
> remind me?
> Also, one thing that is nice about newer rigs is that the "clicking
> sound" made by the rig as you key them on and off is very quiet. I guess
> these are switches or relays coming off and on? Actually I don't know
> and would enjoy knowing if someone has time to explain.
> I mention it because the OMNI has always had clicks that sound like a
> quiet telegraph key (for lack of better description) - I'm not talking
> about audio sounds in either rig - I am talking about mechanical sounds
> from within the rigs. My question is this - is there anyway to make that
> clicking quieter on the OMNI? I never gave it much thought until I I had
> the 756 A/B comps running.
> Stan at TenTec told me the cost of this type of rig has simply become
> prohibitive for mnfgs. to build them. I think that is the obvious trend
> with all radio manufacturers. I also asked if the Orion was going to
> have a number of filters in it like the OMNIs. He suspected some, but it
> sounded like far more of the rig will be based on DSP. He did say that
> they would preserve the best QSK in the world.
> OMNI's are certainly not everybody's dream rig.....but if you look at cw
> focused rigs, these may be the last of the best cw rigs ever made (well,
> my K2 is a cw dream too!). That really makes you think twice about
> letting one go!
> If anyone can help me with the freq adjust question and the "clicking"
> question, I would appreciate it. Thanks folks.
> 73/KB7OEX Tim
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