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Subject: [TenTec] stuff for sale
From: kd9bo@yahoo.com (Steve Weber)
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 17:31:16 -0600
Due to recent medical issues, I am reluctantly turning toys into bill 
payments.  I thought I would offer this stuff to the my fellow TenTec 
fanatics before listing it elsewhere.  I have digital pictures 
available.  Just ask and you will receive.

TenTec Omni D upgraded to series B, with 1.8 and 0.5 khz filters and 
matching 252 MO power supply and connecting cable.  Xcvr has very 
clean front panel and cover, but some creeping crud on the heat sink 
and back panel.  Power supply has some paint scrapes on the front 
panel, but otherwise very nice and clean.  $500 for the pair with 

TenTec 229B roller inductor 2KW tuner.  This is the one styled to 
match the original Omni series.  Very nice condition physically and 
electrically with no major cosmetic flaws.  $250.

TenTec microphone model 215.  The dark gray banana mic that matches 
the Omni B. Pretty clean but the paint is worn off where it drops 
into the included desk stand.  The cord outer covering is cracked and 
split at the mic end. $50.

TenTec keyer model KA-40.This is a somewhat unique item because it is 
essentially the KR-40 without built-in paddles.  It is in the 
original box with original documentation and Allied Radio stock 
label.  I have never seen another one so it is either rare or just 
plain weird!  $50.

TenTec 160 converter model 240.  This is the gadget that puts your 
540/544 Triton IV on the top band.  I bought it in a fit of 
exuberance, but since I don't have a Triton IV, I can't hook it up to 
see if it works.  The guy I bought it from said it works.  If it 
doesn't, I will take it back.  $75.

Hi-Mound / Lafayette? bug.  Real nice condition.  A little tarnished 
but there is no evidence of damage or repair.  The cover is missing, 
but they always are.  $60. New covers are available from Morse 
Express for about fifteen bucks.

Heathkit solid state dipper model HD-1250 in original carrying case 
with all coils.  Very good condition.  $75 with manual.

Shipping and insurance from NW. Indiana not included.

Selling this stuff will help me continue to indulge in the twin 
luxuries of sleeping indoors and eating.

Steve Weber

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