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Fw: [TenTec] rf Speech Processing

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Subject: Fw: [TenTec] rf Speech Processing
From: ny9h@arrl.net (Bill Steffey)
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 09:00:40 -0600
I also found a 234 TT processor. With proper use, no one says "turn off 
your processor", because they don't know you are using one.
I also have the MFJ, the Daiwa and the Datong. The TT is the only one with 
a tone control; to cut the bass response. The Daiwa and MFJ have meters, 
while the Datong has an agc and preset levels of compression. They all 
convert mike level audio to rf, then clip it at rf, filter it and 
demodulate back into the mike level audio. My first RF clipper , was a 
G3LLL, which was wired into the if strip of the Yaesu FT101.  The increased 
duty, of the higher average power warmed up that
power transformer...

I think George spelled out the advantages of rf clipping...
but     to read more  ( as they say on PBS)

      check out an Aussie selling some RF processors...


NY9H pictures on Epson's Photo site,
the pix files are 
large,  http://albums.photo.epson.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=1771119&a=13683578

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