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Fw: [TenTec] Digital Speech Processing & Pegasus

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Subject: Fw: [TenTec] Digital Speech Processing & Pegasus
From: w5yr@att.net (George, W5YR)
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 16:49:14 -0600
Thanks, Carl - I believe I got my first one in the late 70's and borrowed a
friend's Vomax to make comparisons. I picked up what appears to be a brand
new one at some flea market for about $15 which is still sitting on a shelf
unused. But, for that matter, since I stopped using the IC-765 radio and
went to the Kachina and Icom PRO, I have not used either of the Comdels or
the Vomax, which I also picked up for a song! But with the 765, the Comdel
was almost the equal of a medium-powered linear.

72/73/oo, George W5YR - the Yellow Rose of Texas         
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Amateur Radio W5YR, in the 56th year and it just keeps getting better!
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Carl Moreschi wrote:
>  George,
>   I use a tentec model 234 speech processor that works almost
>  exactly like the Comdel you described.  It works great and
>  introduces very little distortion but increases average talk
>  power considerably.  I think tentec stopped making it around
>  1985.

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