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Subject: [TenTec] Fw: [AQRP] Forwarded Re: Ten Tec Question
From: K5ln@aol.com (K5ln@aol.com)
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 17:55:03 EST
Hi Glen,

Sorry, I first sent this to Stuart instead of the reflector.  Hopefully you 
will get this one.

My Corsair exhibited the same symptom, especially when I switched to 10 

I was able to fix this by removing the bottom cover and using a quality 
contact cleaner to spray the wafer switch contacts on the Band Switch shaft.  
I sprayed each wafer switch on both sides and then rotated the band knob back 
and forth a few times.  I was not sure which section was causing the problem 
so I repeated this for each wafer switch.  After using a good cleaner I used 
a quality contact lubricant and sprayed as much of the wafers as I could.  As 
you know or will find out, the wafer switches are covered and difficult to 
access.  But there are holes in the covers that will allow you to get the 
spray in to the contacts.  Just spray it in the holes and rotate the knob.

I recommend you try this before diving into the rig.

Good luck,
Bill, K5LN

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