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Subject: [TenTec] Centaur
From: wd5fun@earthlink.net (Ron McKean)
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 18:22:30 -0500

The Centurion performs as advertised.  In fact I get a bit more out of mine
than the 1300 watts that they claim.  The Centurion is by far the best amp
that I have owned.  It is quiet, smooth tuning and performs nicely.  I have
no doubt that it is the best amp on the market using a pair of 3-500Zs.


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I would like to thank all who responded to my inquiry  about low output of
the Centaur. By exceeding their recomendations of 550 mills plate current I
have got around 500w out. I think almost 600 on one band. This is not my amp
but the person that bought it is not very happy with the results (400w out
and not 600W) as the book says. This does not speak very well for Ten Tec in
my opinion. I had thought about buying a Centurian because I want the Ten
Tec QSK. For you Centurian owners is this the same deal of only 2/3 the
output of advertised or does it put out 1kw on cw like they say? Thanks 73
Paul k9ot

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