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[TenTec] Mark V/OMNI VI Face-Off

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Subject: [TenTec] Mark V/OMNI VI Face-Off
From: w3uls@3n.net (John Rippey)
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 20:22:18 -0500
        A number of correspondents have expressed an interest in learning what 
find in a multi-month face-off I've set up between a Yaesu Mark V and a 
tried-and-true OMNI VI (Option 2). Final results won't be in until June, 
after the CQ WW WPX CW Contest.

        For the benefit of the curious, here are some preliminary findings.

        1. The Yaesu USA marketing department is a master of hype. For example, 
cutting through the hoopla, both in the ads and in the manual, about "brick 
wall" selectivity and wondrous, proprietary  "EDSP" and "IDBT" , you find 
an audio DSP function that in its particulars seems identical to what you 
get with a Timewave outboard DSP unit. No more, no less. Unless I'm missing 

        2. With regard to weak signals, the two units appear to be about on a 
(I'm using two Carolina Windoms mounted perpendicular to one another.)

        3.  With regard to selectivity, the two units again appear to be about 
a par--but to be fair to the Mark V, I have not installed the optional 
Collins 500 Hz 3d IF CW filter (160 clams) and instead am using the very 
flexible variable passband width/shift functions on the Mark V as QRM 
fighters. Perhaps the Collins filter would give the Mark V an edge, perhaps 
not. And in any case I would not install the optional 250 Hz CW filters for 
the Mark V's 2d and 3d IF's, since I think that would be overkill what with 
all the available QRM-fighting functions the Mark V has available.

        4. What you do get outside the hoopla with the Mark V is: (a) a second 
receiver, which I found really neat to use with the awesome PY0T pile-up on 
17 meters last night (just listening); (b) a built-in antenna tuner, which 
seems to work fine; and (c) 200 watts out.

        5. Combine this with a price (used) for a Mark V that is competitive 
a used OMNI VI+ with a full complement of crystals and a power supply, and 
you have a formidable unit.

        More later.

John, W3ULS

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