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[TenTec] Argosy - things to do to it

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Subject: [TenTec] Argosy - things to do to it
From: pepperb@gov.on.ca (Brien Pepperdine)
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 10:02:48 -0500 (EST)
The recent issue of the New Jersey QRP Homebrewer Journal has a nice
article on
'updating your Argosy'. The author had landed an Argosy but wanted to make
it more useful to him (replaced first filter, got CW xtal filter).
He also writes about integrating the VE3DNL Calibrator (analog rig) and
a TICK keyer into it.
info at wwww.njqrp.org for subscribing to the journal

OK, now to my point personally. Somehow I have ended up with one working
Argosy II, and two no-working Argosy I (analog) rigs. These were to be
stop-gaps while I slowly built an Elecraft K2.
The two that don't work
were included with the II because high SWR sessions by previous owners 
blew out the MRF477 PA final.
Sensitive device and very hard to get and expensive.

So I am going to embark and try to find an affordable TO-220 type device
(needs to rest against heat sink) of 20 to 25 watts class out to put those
Argosy's on the air as qrp and higher than qrp rigs. As that or with some
RF switched/transistor switched T/R they could also decently drive an amp
I think if someone was so inclined.

Whether I end up with MRF, or 2SC, ECG or other transistor devices I don't
know (gotta hit the books and see) but having read the NJQRP journal
article I am eager to get those two dead rigs restored to some degree of
usability and pass them on. Too good to lie fallow.

If anyone has an idea of a good 12 volt/13.5 volt RF transistor of the
TO-220 type, all those with current and soon to be dead (watch that SWR!
Tune on the low level drivers!) Argosy rigs will be happy to find out
something they can solder in to make the rigs play again in a manner
perhaps 1/2 of what it was in power output, but still useful.
By the way, the rig will not work without the final in line - there needs
to be a path for the driver 3 watt signal so why not provide that pathway
the insertion of at least some sort of amplification?


 Brien Pepperdine 
Amateur Radio Station VE3VAW
Toronto, Ontario Canada

-Information and comments herein are mine own and are separate and
independent of the electronic information gateways, pathways and 
provider(s) utilized-

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