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[TenTec] software for the Jupiter... what I would like tosee..

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Subject: [TenTec] software for the Jupiter... what I would like tosee..
From: kw0d@netexpress.net (Dave Kamp, KW0D)
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:12:55 -0600
>..an application that does not attempt to put an interface that looks
>like a radio on the screen. 

Y'know, that's my opinion, too... if I wanted the computer to have the look
and feel of the radio's front panel...

...I'd look at the radio!  :-}

Now, I've yet to get my computer to successfully talk to my Omni VI, but
I've used others', including non-TT gear.  Seems to me that with the
operator using the keyboard to log QSO's, they'd wanna make all the
operations essentially from within very-easy-reach of the keyboard...
like... avoiding reaching for the mouse.  I key the mic with my footpedal,
and I'm guessing that many use either paddles or keyboard for CW (I haven't
made that work yet either, hi!)... 

Sorry if it seems 'antimodern'...I guess I'm just too reminiscent of early
DOS <ALT> and <CTRL> pop-up menus on low-res VGA, but still being darned
quick about it...  I only have three of my 7 machines here running anything
other than WIN95 or 486's ( a pair of Pentiums and a 486 running some
flavor of Linux), but they're all quick, having been loaded-to-max with
RAM, no animated cursors, animated popups, screen-savers, etc... 800x600 is
fine by me, and no monitor racket on the low-bands...

BTW... I've found that in MY shack, weak-signal performance can be had by
reducing fan speed of PC supply fans... less ambient noise.  To take steps
further, I also slow down the processors, and ditch the chip fans for BIG
heatsinks... set the HDD's to sleep after a few minutes, and run all the
applications off a fileserver elsewhere...

DK  :-)

73's from KW0D Dave in LeClaire, Iowa

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