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[TenTec] RX-320D

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Subject: [TenTec] RX-320D
From: tongaloa@alltel.net (tongaloa)
Date: Tue Apr 1 17:21:45 2003
Eric and others...

I haven't looked at the 303i.
Actually I haven't looked at winradio specs in 3 or 4 years.
With the RX320 at $300 and Linrad, I'm happy for HF and PC.

I'll do some more research on the PCR1000. My main interst in it
is for coverage that the 320 doesn't have. I was not aware of
any control bugs and will do a little more research.

I found the command set in rooting around with google and there
is a linux control package for it.

I was wondering at all the talk about downloading and restoring
the firmware. Why? Perhaps you've provided the answer :-)

If I find a PCR1000 for the $259 advertised at HRO (out of stock)
I'll buy and write up a review.


>>>Don't know about the PCR1000.  It's not one of my favorite
>>>radios because of both engineering and politcal decisions.
>>Is this why I can't find one without that stupid Bonito SW bundled?
>>What about engineering? Specs look good relative to the Winradio.
>>I would really lie to see a schema though. You can't hide the
>>shortcuts when it's all on paper.
> I can't quote chapter and verse, but as a radio it 's pretty
> mediocre.  As a computer peripheral, it's an abomination.
> Closed command set, prone to errors, line noise can change mundane
> commands into commands which write over the alignment data in firmware!

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