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[TenTec] TT net time and Titan III?

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Subject: [TenTec] TT net time and Titan III?
From: wg6h@postoffice.pacbell.net (Bill Miner)
Date: Wed Apr 2 10:26:59 2003
AND did I also mention that there are other places in the world that
have time zones that are off-set by 15 and 30 minutes!

UTC  UTC  UTC!  It is like gravity. Not only is it a good idea,  its the

Bill - K6WLM  UTC + 8 

Cliff wrote:
> At 09:10 PM 4/1/2003 -0500, you wrote:
> >    If you're in Indiana or Arizona, the local time will change
> > because they stay with the sun and don't go to Daylight
> >Savings Time.
> Of course if you live in some of the north east parts of AZ you do go on
> daylight savings. The Navaho reservation headquarters is in Shiprock, NM.
> Since NM goes to DST, Shiprock goes to DST and thus the rest of the
> reservation goes to DST.
> There isn't much around that someone can't confuse a whole lot more if they
> try just a little bit!!!
> de KD4GT
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