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[TenTec] IF Output Pegasus / Jupiter / RX350

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Subject: [TenTec] IF Output Pegasus / Jupiter / RX350
From: ve1adh@yahoo.ca (David McClafferty)
Date: Wed Apr 2 16:52:23 2003
I wonder if T*T will publish the mod so we could take
a crack at it ourselves.
If someone could come up with a two-way version of the
DRM software we could transmit the mode as well,
assuming, of course, that it would be permitted in the
ham bands.

73, Dave, VE1ADH
 --- Mark Erbaugh <mark@microenh.com> wrote: > TenTec
is now offering an upgrade to the RX320 to
> provide a 12 kHz IF output
> that can be read into a computer soundcard for DRM
> processing. Any
> possibility of a similar upgrade for the Pegasus /
> Jupiter / RX350?
> I know that the Pegasus has a 'spare' output jack
> that could probably be
> used.
> 73,
> Mark
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