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[TenTec] ten tec 266 calibrator for century 22 and argosy I

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Subject: [TenTec] ten tec 266 calibrator for century 22 and argosy I
From: prosolar@sssnet.com (MIKE BRYCE)
Date: Thu Apr 3 01:52:13 2003
boys and girls!

Everyone knows that Ten Tec no longer makes the internal calibrator for the
Century 22 and the Argosy I transceivers.

The model normally used is the 266. The calibrator has markers at 25 khz and
the output is pulsed to make it easier to find on a busy band.

To keep all of those fine old radios on the air, and on the correct
frequency,  I have designed a new calibrator for those radios.

some other features..

selectable 100, 50 or 25 khz markers
pulse output so you can find the signal
You can defeat the pulse and select steady signal if you like.

The circuit is on a double sided PC board. All the connections are via AMP
MTA (just like Ten Tec uses!) The PC board is a drop in fit on the mounting
studs on either radio. No holes need be drilled. The circuit is NOT a
rehashed version of the one Ten Tec used. This is a new design.

Now.. if there is enough interest, I'll go a head and have a small run of PC
boards made.

Price for the pc board will be $15 and again, if there is enough interest
I'll put some kits together with all the parts needed.

When I find my camera, I'll post some photos..

If you're interest, drop me a note..

Mike Bryce, WB8VGE
SunLight Energy Systems


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