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[TenTec] RX-320D

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Subject: [TenTec] RX-320D
From: tongaloa@alltel.net (tongaloa)
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:18:33 2003

Let me make some photos and a web site this weekend..
Should have time, unless the new 'old stock' PCR-1000
shows up on the porch first as I've promised a review
and want to get it going with linrad. Will then have
to wait until the following weekend...

So far, with my little bit of messing around with Linrad and
the 320, it's great and as DSP blows away the 320 built-in.
I've only got 16bit laptop microphone input experience so
far but expect it to really shine with a 20-24 bit soundcard.

Linrad is Linux only.
RedHat 9.0 is out. RedHat odd numbered distro's are generally
more 'finished' than even numbered...

Limited space so I'm looking for a 'set top box' sized PeeCee
with free PCI and PCMCIA slots to put a sound card in.

Quick and dirty, I don't know if TT approves but it works,
is to grab the 12kHz audio signal with a 0.2uf cap from the
output of U4 (that goes to the internal sound chip input)
and use this for your PeeCee's sound card.

Better would be to bypass the filter and add a small
daughter board to make roll off at 20kHz and even better would
be to take BFO and make final mix quadrature and buffer/filter
for 40kHz I and Q signals for input to sound card. Linrad will
then be able to display a full 40kHz spectrum!!!! This is my next
project for the 320...If you've a fancy 96kHz sound card you can
have 80kHz spectral display with IQ mix!!!


Mark Erbaugh wrote:
> Bob,
> Can you share the details with those of us for whom it is not a
> 'no-brainer'? Also, care to share your experiences with linrad?
> 73,
> Mark
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> From: "tongaloa" <tongaloa@alltel.net>
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> Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 14:33 PM
> Subject: Re: [TenTec] RX-320D
>>Taking the 12kHz out to the soundcard for use with linrad
>>was kind of a no-brainer for this radio.
>>The manual for the RX320 (with schematic) is on line at TT
>>and it's a very clean, straightforward, radio with easy to
>>understand schematic...
>>All that said, I've not taken time to play with the DRM SW yet :-)

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