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[TenTec] FS: Ten-Tec CENTAUR Model 411 HF Linear Amplifier

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Subject: [TenTec] FS: Ten-Tec CENTAUR Model 411 HF Linear Amplifier
From: khufford@comcast.net (KENT HUFFORD)
Date: Thu Apr 3 17:24:07 2003
Having recently purchased another amp, I must now sell my Ten-Tec Centaur
amplifier.  The amplifier is less than 5 years old and is in near perfect
condition, new from the factory in 1997. I am the original owner
(non-smoker). The amp has been very sparingly used and probably has less
then 10 hours total "on" time on it. Much less transmit time...


The Centaur utilizes 3 each Svetlana ceramic based 811A tubes and it is
currently wired to operate on 240 volts. It is 

easy to rewire for 120 volts. It draws about 11 amps of current at 120 volts
max. and makes 600 watts output +/- depending on antenna match and the band
from 160 through 10 meters (WARC bands included).  The Ten-Tec 10/12 meter
mod has been installed. The amplifier loads easily and is easy to tune.
Another BIG plus is that the amp will interface with any radio however it is
designed to do QSK with Ten-Tec products using their usual EN OUT hook-up.
811A tubes are still economical and easy to find should you ever need
replacement. Or, you can replace the 811As with three matched "RF
PARTS/SVETLANA 572B"! (Note: 572B is a direct drop-in replacement for an
811A.) Using 572B resulted in the tubes LOAFING along at 600 watts - and
also resulted in REDUCED drive requirements on the upper bands and with a
REDUCTION in plate current. I have the original manual and is included.  The
amp originally sold for $749 plus shipping and I am asking $500.  


Check out the reviews on eham.net at http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/155
Or the ARRL Product Test done in JUNE 1997.


Would like to sell in the Northern Virginia Area, since I do not have the
original Ten-Tec shipping boxes. However, I will be driving to Boston, MA on
Friday 18 April 2003. I can drop it off along the way, if need be. I will
also be driving to the Dayton Hamfest in May.



Kent Hufford



email to khufford@comcast.net

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