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[TenTec] ORION - RTTY ?

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Subject: [TenTec] ORION - RTTY ?
From: w7dpw@attbi.com (Dave W7DPW)
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:08:15 2003
I have down loaded the Orion manual and have browsed through it
looking for information on RTTY.  I notice that is is stated that AFSK
is used.  On the MODE menu I see FSK as one of the options.  I wonder
if the AFSK is generated internally, are there options for the shift
and the tones used, or if it's necessary to use the Audio IN  on the
AUX I/O Connections Figure 2-25  page 2-13..., I don't see any mention
of a Mark-Space connetction on the AUX I/O connections.

These is a short discussion of External Modems..  2.6 Using External
Modems, page 2-13

Does anyone have any idea about this ??

Dave W7DPW

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