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Subject: [TenTec] Orion
From: res0wsci@verizon.net (WILLIAM MANSEY; WA2PVK)
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:14:29 2003
Hello Everyone,
    I IS still on, or near, cloud 9!  Hmm - does that mean that I should
have been adding "aeronautical mobile" when IDing?
    The ORION was (for me) well worth the wait!!!  I am confident that those
awaiting their Orion's will agree.
    What is the world record for opening a box?  I may not have been close
to that record BUT I was not too far off!
    Now for "the good stuff" - - - The receiver takes some getting used to
because it is so good!  The receiver is quiet, sensitive and as "tight as a
crab's ***" !!!  I love the spectrum scope AND the diversity reception.  For
diversity I use a vertical antenna on one side of the house and a "sloper"
(in the RX only position)on the other side.  This virtually eliminates QSB.
The second "transceive" antenna is an inverted V.  The ability to assign
different antennas to different receivers is also a great feature - one
amongst MANY!
    There are so many things to say that I really do not know where to
begin - or end.
    Just let me say, to EVERYONE awaiting an ORION, that you are in for one
heck of a pleasant surprize when the guy in the big brown truck brings a big
white box to your door!!!
    Be patient guys & gals.  It was hard but I managed to survive the wait
(since last June!)
    WHAT AM I DOING???  Sitting here by the computer instead of by the
ORION!!!  EGADS!!! What will people think?
    I don't like my Orion - - - I LOVE my ORION!!!  :-)  GREAT JOB TEN-TEC!
Thank you!
    73,  Bill

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