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Subject: [TenTec] Fw: Orion
From: K9RB@bellsouth.net (Roger Borowski)
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:24:48 2003
FSK is my favorite mode, it doesn't have to be your's. There is no right or
wrong, thats the great thing about our hobby, there are so many facets that
may fall in and out of vogue with each of us. Since I got to the #1 DXCC
Honor Roll both on Phone and CW over a decade ago, the digital modes have
been my current interest and I'm nearing in on the 300 mark there, so it is
important to me, Grant. I won't pop for over $3K for a rig that doesn't do
FSK,...thats maybe just me?
An IC-781 has been around a long time and is still a nice rig....had one
here for awhile but liked the 950SDX better....sold it before it got bad
screen burn, which is another concern of the Orion. Burn is a tendency of
monochrome displays, which really look dated to me today, but I don't buy
rigs on looks alone. For amp keying, a circuit, formerly a relay, pulling
low is the norm for most except some QSK amps that work better at QSK when
switched by the acc 12 VDC signal. No doubt that the TenTec technique of
keying the amp to key the rig is probably best, but not all amp
manufacturers have gone that route. Many use the relay or transistor
switched output and it does work, but better have a spare vacuum relay on
hand as they take a beating using that technique.
Being in this hobby >42 years now, I agree with your final statement about
the state of the hobby and many of its operators. Love it or leave it.....I
still love it despite all the changes in >4 decades.
73, -=Rog-K9RB=-

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> > If it has changed, I just lost all interest in an Orion.
> Yes, Id say that not having "true" FSK is a good reason to walk away from
what is
> probably the best radio in ham radio.  Makes sense to me -- so does AFSK.
> keyed AFSK (to take your FSK key line and use it) will show up in a future
> release.  Perhaps not.  It's kind of a "so what"  from my personal
> > It also
> > appears that there are no provisions for QSK keying of a QRO Brand
> > Amplifier with QSK that requires a 9-12VDC signal from the exciter for
> > optimal switching to prevent hot keying the amp.
> Now that's really strange.  I've never owned a radio that provided a
positive going
> +12 v signal to key an amp.  But maybe it's because I live in a cave.
Most key lines
> I've known and loved PULLED LOW to key.  Which is what the Orion does.  If
> really need a positive going keying voltage, a simple inverter would
certainly be a
> better option than passing up the Orion.
> The QSK keying loop in the Orion works perfectly with my AL-1200.  Full
QSK with
> handshake for well timed (checked with a scope) ,  hot-less-keying.
> > KenYaeCom's all provide this 12 VDC signal for QSK
> MY kenyaecom-781 provided no such signal.  It provided a line which .. you
> it ... pulled low.  Then again, perhaps you couldn't run an 781 with a QRO
> >Speaking of PC control, I
> > The documentation in the Orion
> > manual avoids the subject and that doesn't sit right either.
> Patience
> > It seems to me that most people receiving their Orions ...comprise
> > ragchewers and casual operators who like to compare and play,
> Personally, I pride myself on being a "non-professional" amateur.  I won't
tell you
> what I think of the state of ham radio re signal quality, manners, and
those incessant,
> unrelenting voice keyers I'm now forced to listen to when observing the
> hams in action.
> My only regret about the Orion, is that it does not have a single -- no
not even one --
> vacuum tube in it :-)
> Grant (apologetically)
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