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[TenTec] Twenty Meter Net Reminder

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Subject: [TenTec] Twenty Meter Net Reminder
From: jimr.reid@verizon.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:14:07 2003
Subject: [TenTec] Twenty Meter Net Reminder

"New GMT is 2030"

Yes,  that is 1 hour EARLIER than last week,  for those
of us where we do not go to DST,  as here in KH6 land.
However,  it does not matter a lot,  as it is tough to hear
across the mid/far right mainland at those hours anyway
on 20 meters from out here near mid- Pacific.  Anyway,
only one Orion out here so far,  not mine,  but KH7T's.

73,  Jim KH7M

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