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[TenTec] Fw: Orion

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Subject: [TenTec] Fw: Orion
From: aa4nu@ix.netcom.com (Billy Cox)
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:29:22 2003
>I'll not be at all surprised that within less than a year most serious
>contesters will be running one or more Orions.    Let's see.......:-)

Sorry ... B-(

Not going to happen until the contest logging software is out, and
proven to work as well as the present setup...

Ditto for the hardware interfaces such as Top Ten and others. Much
of the hardware can still be homebrew, or at least portions can be,
that's what I do here. Buy what I can, and then build up the rest.

New and better is great ... but the "rig" is just part of a top op's total
scheme of things in the wild world of contesting these days ...

While I agree the Orion may be the best way to butter one's bread to 
be seen in some time ... It's not going to be used on the serious type
contestor's desk for a contest until the rest of the pieces are in place.

<I am speaking of serious single op, all band situations only here, OK!>

73 Billy AA4NU ...

Happy owner of a 2xMP setup with fully automatic switching who, along
with other ops ... is waiting for the 'rest of the stuff' to appear.

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