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Subject: [TenTec] Fw: Orion
From: althofft@concentric.net (Tom A)
Date: Fri Apr 4 05:37:18 2003
Pure FSK produces no other signals than the mark and the space.

AFSK through the mike introduces
3)Distortion due to RF feedback
Both intra-mike and internal tones can introduce (depending on opposite
sideband supression and carrier null..)
4)Reversed tones on other side of carrier.

If 2 stations are running an amplifier on RTTY and one is FSK and the other
AFSK...I can tell you by just listening which one is runniing the AFSK.

That being said...
I'm willing to bet that the internally generated tones coupled with the TX
DSP circuitry of the Orion pretty much makes Grant's A=B=C formula accurate.

I wonder if there is anyone on this list who has an Orion on order who if
they knew the Orion didn't have true-FSK that they'd cancel their order?

I"m dying to move up the waiting list another slot!

BTW...my Omni-V does have a vacuum tube in it straight from the
factory...the frequency display.   Did they go to LED's on the Omni-VI's?

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> > >  Seems like Kenwood and  ICOM are the only ones that care
> > > about fsk. Yaesu does the keyed afsk  way.
> > > This issue may hold me back from ordering one.
> I don't understand the issue here.
> (A) FSK -- meaning you electrically shift the frequency of one of the RF
> (analog/digital) in the radio
>     will produce an RF output signal IDENTICAL to
> (B) A key line keying an internal digital AFSK generator
>     which will produce an RF output signal IDENTICAL to
> (C) Inserting proper audio tones into the radio.
> So A=B=C.  The guy on the other end won't know, and we won't tell, which
> you're using.  There's no beef in the gripe, seems to me, save the fact
that you may
> currently be using a TNC that does not have an AFSK output option.
> I'd run out and buy a new TNC ...
> Grant
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