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[TenTec] Radio for soon to be newbie General....

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Subject: [TenTec] Radio for soon to be newbie General....
From: wa3fiy@radioadv.com (WA3FIY)
Date: Sat Apr 5 16:35:51 2003
I haven't seen any responses to your question Gene.  Maybe folks 
responded directly.

Anyway, my opinion of the Pegasus is that it is a very good value 
and a lot of fun!  Combined with the N4PY control software and the 
tuning pod, it makes a very flexible and easy to use transceiver.

Ten Tec does indeed provide the control program instruction set on 
their web site at:


Very helpful if you want to roll your own control software.

Hope this helps.

73 de Lee, WA3FIY

On 3 Apr 2003 at 17:18, Gene Buckle wrote:

> I'm looking seriously at plunking down the cash for the Pegasus radio 
> based upon what I've read on the net about it.  Is this radio really as 
> good as is claimed?
> Also, does Ten-Tec supply data to allow me to write my own interface 
> software if I want to?
> Thanks!
> Gene Buckle
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