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Subject: [TenTec] Simple Stuff
From: w3uls@3n.net (John Rippey)
Date: Sat Apr 5 18:30:00 2003
         Now that Ten-Tec is shipping the Orion, it may be time for the 
company to resume the "Tech-Talk by Ten-Tec" columns that ran for a few 
months in QST (July-October 2001). The columns were pithy discussions on 
technical issues such as sensitivity and selectivity written by Allan 
Kaplan, W1AEL. Since that time, we have seen (perhaps as a substitute?) 
lengthy and highly technical articles by Doug Smith, KF6DX, on the Orion's 
circuitry and on such arcane topics as "Improved Dynamic-Range Testing," 
the latter appearing in the July/August QEX. These no doubt add to the 
prestige of Ten-Tec.

The difference for me between Kaplan's columns and Smith's articles, 
however, is that I  understood the "Tech Talk" discussions much more 
readily than I do the intricacies of what Smith writes about. For those of 
us among the unwashed who do not have advanced radio know-how, I urge the 
Ten-Tec powers-that-be to consider re-starting the "Tech Talk" columns in 
QST in order to provide a format for explicating in simpler terms the 
various aspects of the Orion's circuitry that make it special.

I don't know whether Kaplan is still with Ten-Tec, or whether Smith's 
contract gives him  exclusive publishing rights. The way corporations work, 
you never know about such things. Nevertheless, Ten-Tec IMHO would be well 
advised to produce a series of simple technical explications of Orion's 
features as a marketing tool, and the 2001 "Tech-Talk" columns are a good 

John, W3ULS

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