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[TenTec] More operating info Orion

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Subject: [TenTec] More operating info Orion
From: jdunbar28@mchsi.com (Jim Dunbar)
Date: Sun Apr 6 22:20:37 2003
Hi Tom,

Are there are set of pre-made cables for interconnecting the Orion to the
computer? Such as with an isolation transformer in between? And what are the
total amount of cables from the computer to the Orion and what inputs and
outputs are used to be able to use multiple types of digital modes to
include RTTY?

Do you know if the Orion will be supported by the Rig Blaster?


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From: "Thomas Jednacz" <tjednacz@ieee.org>
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Subject: [TenTec] More operating info Orion

> Tried PSK-31 and AFSK and all works perfectly. Sound board output thru
> isolation transformer to AUX Audio input (nice to have premade Din plug
> cable). Set AUX gain at "4" and audio input to AUX only. Orion audio
> directly to sound card line input - perfect match. Did not have to adjust
> anything on the computer. Brought up MixW and all modes worked well. Tried
> MMTTY and all OK. Use serial port PTT from the computer software (set DTR
> line to PTT/CW). Nice and linear and got good IMD reports on PSK. Oh - no
> Speech Processor.
> Computer software CW keying. Use the Serial Port set for PTT/CW on the DTR
> line and full QSK in the software and use the Orion Black lead on Din
> for both PTT and CW keying. Nice feature on Ten Tec rigs. Works great. Now
> can't wait for the next major CW contest.
> 73, Tom, W7QF
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