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[TenTec] Re: Dimming meter lights on 405 amp

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: Dimming meter lights on 405 amp
From: genewill@ordata.com (genewill@ordata.com)
Date: Sun Apr 6 22:47:39 2003
GE ... Thanks for all responses to my questions. Those who mailed me
directly have gotten replies; for those who sent mail only to the list,
here's what I've discovered:

I measured the Model 250 PS voltage declining from 16.2VDC with amp off to
13.5VDC with full output power of 50w. When I looked at the 250's
instruction sheet (the 405 manual had said dimming lights meant poor
voltage regulation, so I stopped researching there), such a wide voltage
swing is WITHIN specs. Ten-Tec specifies, with line voltage of 125VAC,
no-load VDC of 17.0, declining to 14.0VDC at 6A current draw.

Looks like I bothered you fine folks when I should have used the PS data
sheet and my VOM first. I apologize. As Paul, W8KC, sez ... you gotta love
these little quirks!

73 Gene N7YW

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