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[TenTec] Re: Dimming meter lights on 405 amp

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: Dimming meter lights on 405 amp
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Date: Mon Apr 7 00:22:17 2003

It's no bother at all... And you had the opportunity to learn some
troubleshooting... If nothing ever goes wrong, there is little opportunity
to learn how to work on your own equipment.

vy 73 de W1GOR

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: Dimming meter lights on 405 amp

> GE ... Thanks for all responses to my questions. Those who mailed me
> directly have gotten replies; for those who sent mail only to the list,
> here's what I've discovered:
> I measured the Model 250 PS voltage declining from 16.2VDC with amp off to
> 13.5VDC with full output power of 50w. When I looked at the 250's
> instruction sheet (the 405 manual had said dimming lights meant poor
> voltage regulation, so I stopped researching there), such a wide voltage
> swing is WITHIN specs. Ten-Tec specifies, with line voltage of 125VAC,
> no-load VDC of 17.0, declining to 14.0VDC at 6A current draw.
> Looks like I bothered you fine folks when I should have used the PS data
> sheet and my VOM first. I apologize. As Paul, W8KC, sez ... you gotta love
> these little quirks!
> 73 Gene N7YW
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