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[TenTec] Fw : Orion first impressions

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Subject: [TenTec] Fw : Orion first impressions
From: w5jay@cox-internet.com (Jay Bromley)
Date: Wed Apr 9 13:17:00 2003
Hi Stauart and gang,

There will be a duplicate post later, after the moderator approves.  Please

So I went home to repost this message.

Guys remember ALAN didn't post that message, it was a forwarded.  Probably
without permission from Alan!  Go look
again or just look at the subject line.  I know Alan and he is a upright guy
and would never do anything to
hurt TenTec's reputation!  Alan is also very honest.  I bet it was another
PRIVATE email that was meant to stay

I hate to say this, but contrary to popular opinion here Ten Tec rigs do
have their faults.  I have owned enough of them to know.  This is much like
the K2
groupies.  A person can't even have their opinion without the cult jumping
on board!

I have a ton of the so called Yacomwood rigs to and they do also have their
faults.  I don't defend them either, if you ask me what I think I will tell
you openly and honestly.  So far I have yet to see a perfect rig, but I keep
trying!  Seems it is only OK to have an opinion here as long as you agree
that TenTec is perfect in every way with no flaws.

Also please remember the Orion's main hold up for many months was to make
sure it was ready to go.  Well we can debate all this stuff till the cows
come home, but let's not make this personal.  The above is just my
opinion-----many thanks!

73 de jay..

Part of the TenTec cult!

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Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2003 8:04 AM
Subject: Re: [TenTec] Fw : Orion first impressions

> Well Alan,
> Each is entitled to their own opinion, and you can exercise your 30 day
> return privilege right now, which is something you cannot do with
> Yaecomwood!  Thank goodness there IS a company so concerned with the
> customer as Ten Tec is.
> Some of the things you list do not seem to be bugs; but design choices.
> Each engineer is different, and perhaps you just have differing
> to what Ten Tec designers thought were appropriate design choices.
> 73, Stuart K5KVH
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