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[TenTec] Fw : Orion first impressions

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Subject: [TenTec] Fw : Orion first impressions
From: n9dg@yahoo.com (Duane Grotophorst)
Date: Wed Apr 9 15:09:24 2003

--- Jay Bromley <w5jay@cox-internet.com> wrote:
> Hi Stauart and gang,

> I hate to say this, but contrary to popular opinion
> here Ten Tec rigs do
> have their faults.  I have owned enough of them to
> know.  This is much like
> the K2
> groupies.  A person can't even have their opinion
> without the cult jumping
> on board!

Cult of "groupies" or not I do find it interesting
that only the Ten Tec and K2 reflectors ever seem to
have truly impassioned discussions. The Yacomwood
discussion areas rarely ever address issues and
personal perceptions to these same depths. While it
may get rather contentious at times it is
enlightening. And in the end I get more information,
and that is what's important.  

>  Seems it is only OK to have an opinion here
> as long as you agree
> that TenTec is perfect in every way with no flaws.

Perhaps to some but I do not believe for the majority
of people on here. What I see happening when these
firestorms are ignited when faults are illuminated in
a disparaging way, often by saying something to the
effect that "brand X is better than Ten Tec..."
instead of saying something more like: "I liked the
way brand X did this better because...". Many of the
issues in this original posting were not bugs per se
but were design decisions, many of those design
decision are probably alterable by firmware. 

> The
> above is just my
> opinion-----many thanks!

Ah yes, the key thing to remember about most postings.

> 73 de jay..
> Part of the TenTec cult!

BTW did anyone else notice that original posting for
this thread was a "forwarded" message from a rather
bogus looking sender address?? So who knows really
wrote it??


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