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[TenTec] Fw : Orion first impressions

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Subject: [TenTec] Fw : Orion first impressions
From: lodahl@wmep.org (Keith Lodahl)
Date: Wed Apr 9 19:22:19 2003
While I agree with you that K2WS is a customer didn't his wishes get met?
He was able to return the radio for a full refund.  I see his comments along
the same line as the Ford/Chevy debate that always rages at new car time.
Each of us are looking for different things.  This radio was not what K2WS
was looking for, so he returned it.  My guess is that he is satisfied with
the customer service, if not the radio.  I guess that kinda defines taking
care of the customer.  I don't know of anyone who sells consumer equipment
(meaning not custom made) that would re-design a product for one person.

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>Thank goodness there IS a company so concerned with the
>customer as Ten Tec is.

Ho hum ...

I was wondering how long before the "TenTec is the very best" mojo
would start to be posted. <sigh> Yet isn't K2WS a customer too?

K2WS presented some very interesting points for consideration, as
the Orion is to be the "TOL of the TOL", justifying the $3.3 price/etc.

Too bad most have or will miss that from his post.  Say, if it had
been the 'official' ARRL write-up ... would that have more weight?

Or would they be totally wrong too?  B-)

Last time I checked "what a customer is" ... K2WS fit the description,
yet he'll be made a scapegoat is what normally happens on here next.

I mean ... How dare he find ANY concerns with a new piece of TT gear!

Time to let the "mojo" run it's course ... <sigh>

73 Billy AA4NU
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