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[TenTec] Orion heartache

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion heartache
From: k2ws@hotmail.com (Alan Davis)
Date: Wed Apr 9 19:22:27 2003

   Although I stand behind my Orion statements, I never posted them, nor 
were they intended for public disclosure.
  It was posted by Rog Penrose, "xbts337@hotmail.com"
Rog, go to your room and stay there!

   There have been eleven Orion firmware updates since v1.328 of March 28th. 
There are literally hundreds of software bugs in the control program.  As 
for the issues of VFO speed and resolution, compare the Orion with the TS870 
or 950 or the IC-756Pro or 775 or FT1000 series and see how these popular 
radios do it. Some of you guys just don't get it. I don't hate Ten-Tec. I'm 
a Ten-Tec customer too, I am terribly disappointed that the Orion was 
released in this condition!

   Hey, at least this scapegoat had the courage to be honest and tell it as 
he see's it!

   73, Alan    K2WS

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